Care for Life Measures

Care for life

Have you ever imagined today’s reality that we’re living in right now?

It’s new for us as well. But it doesn’t mean we haven’t been prepared for it. As a continuation of the Futureproof platform, we came up with Care for Life Office Concept.

There you have a nice, quick explainer of how buildings by Skanska are going to function during these new times. Here you’ll find a few solutions prepared to make you feel safer. And smile more! Even if it’s hidden under the mask.

See Care for Life Measures

Care for Life Measures

Air quality
  • Maintenance of humidity between 40–60% where viral spread is limited
  • Fresh air supplied at 46 m3/hr per person and 6 m2 area per person
  • Constant supply of fresh, non-recirculated air
  • Use of high-quality air filters used in health care
  • Ensure lower air pressure in toilets
  • Fresh air supplied at 46 m3/hr per person and 6 m2 area per person
  • Exhaust air not mixed with fresh air
  • Maintenance of humidity between 40–60% where viral spread is limited
Touch free solutions
  • Licence plate recognition access system in the car park
  • QR code access for guests
  • Touch free access
  • Building Information in common areas
  • Connected by Skanska access system
Social Distancing Measures
  • Limited elevator capacity clearly marked in the elevators
  • Signage to encourage social distancing in all common areas
  • Large corridors assuring social distancing
  • Wide both internal and external staircases designed to encourage their use
  • Biking facilities, locker rooms, showers, which make possible travel to the office without the use of public transport
Building management
  • WELL Health & Safety Rating Certified building
  • Temperature scanning at the entrance
  • Increased disinfection and sanitation intensity
  • Weekly ozone disinfection of the entire building
  • Delivery lockers to minimize interaction between people
  • Deliveries inside the building forbidden
  • Collection of visitor data for Covid-19 tracking
  • Highly exposed surfaces with special disinfection plan
  • Specialized detergents used for sanitation
  • Informative signage available within the building and in the building app
  • Water system control in place to prevent the development of bacteria
  • Regular inspections for mould and leaks
  • Promotion of well-being and health
  • Disinfection stands available within the building
  • Facemasks available at reception free of charge
  • Antiseptic foil on frequently touched surfaces
  • Facemask checking camera at the turnstiles
  • Separate thermometer for visitors





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Healthy working environment

There’s no healthy workplace without prioritizing employees’ health itself. Both physical and mental. After detailed research, cooperation with experts and inspired by our previous actions, we keep creating spaces easy to work in.

Our office is the place where the natural osmosis of ideas, knowledge, and experience happen. So get your creativity on and let’s do something good together. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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How do we balance safety, sustainability, and feasibility

Aleksandra Polkowska Kramek Aleksandra Polkowska Kramek

Online calls cannot simply replace social interactions

“That’s why it is so important to prepare a healthy environment both for physical and mental health. Skanska’s actions prevent spreading the virus so employees can feel safer and they have the opportunity to come back to their previous workflow.”

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Skanska's road to health, sustainability and well-being

Our straight shot to always be one step ahead. And we’ve been on this road already. Now we see that our constant actions pay off.

By presenting you Care for Life platform, it’s easy to understand – it’s nothing new here. It’s just the continuation. Now, it’ll be easier for you to catch all of the new rules we provide in our offices to prevent spreading viruses and other diseases.


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