Offering flexibility and facilities that make spending time here much more enjoyable.

Taking the user experience to a whole new level

A number of innovative solutions make our buildings timeless and easily adaptive to changing conditions.
In Equilibrium you will always be one step ahead!
  - A building dedicated application to keep us connected at all times
  - A virtual reception to make it easier for visitors to get access
  - Easy access parking powered by the plate recognition system

Image Proof of design Gherkin building Interior 1 Desktop
Main Reception Waiting Area Waiting Area Turnstiles Main Entrance Main Entrance

Main Reception

Digital access for visitors

Waiting Area


With thermal scanning incorporated.

Main Entrance

Timeless lobby

The metaphor of evolution is also captured inside by arranging the lobby space on two levels. The elegance and imposingness suggested by the height, the brightness of the space and the finishes used, are balanced by the playfulness of the suspended decorative installation and the surprise element of the decorative wall in the entrance space.

Arh. Diana Rusu – Architect Service
Image Proof of innovation Gherkin building Interior 2 Desktop
Virtual Reception Thermal scan for visitors Dashboard

Virtual Reception

Solution that allows visitors to enter the building using QR codes.

Thermal scan for visitors

Digital scanning temperature installed to measure the body temperature of our guests. People with temperature over 37.3 will not be allowed to access the building.


Showing building utilities consumption in real time.

Innovative, Human Centric & Flexible Design

Equilibrium provides an inspiring, flexible and customizable workspace, ensuring plenty of fresh air and generous access to natural light.

Image Innovative human centric

Virtual tours

Did you know that we have the first interactive 3D viewing platform for the Equilibrium project in Romania?
Minimap Underground
Minimap Reception
Minimap Floor 6
typical floor

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