4 - pipe HVAC system providing fresh air supply of 46 m3/h/pers

Ceiling mounted fan coils designed for 1 pers / 6 sqm of office, 2 AHU plants for tenant area with tree structure (separate supply and exhaust for each tenant) 1 AHU plant for common areas (lobbies and corridors).

Suspended ceiling

With built in LED lights - 500 lux.

2.85m clear Room height
Excellent daylight access
Raised floor

150 mm (gross)

Clear open space

Organized on an 8.1 m structural grid, with floor loading at 3.5 KN/sqm; possibility of additional reinforcement for individual solutions.

Glass Modular Façade

Double glazing and aluminium joinery with thermal barrier with Global U value of 1.1 – 1.2W/mp*K

Maximum density according to fire scenario:

Equilibrium 1 - 220 persons per floor
Equilibrium 2 - 206 persons per floor

Image Tehnical Specs 4 - pipe HVAC system providing fresh air supply of 46 m3/h/pers SUSPENDED CEILING 2.85M CLEAR ROOM HEIGHT EXCELLENT DAYLIGHT ACCESS RAISED FLOOR CLEAR OPEN SPACE GLASS MODULAR FAÇADE Maximum density according to fire scenario

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