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We have the first interactive 3D viewing platform for the Equilibrium project in Romania?
Creating most aspects of the built environment – and using them - consumes enormous amounts of resources and emits carbon dioxide?
Equilibrium has 3.500 sqm of green area in front of the building?

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Technical Specifications

Taking the user experience to a whole new level

Equilibrium 1
Equilibrium 2

Taking the user experience to a whole new level

A number of innovative solutions make our buildings timeless and easily adaptive to changing conditions.
In Equilibrium you will always be one step ahead!

- A building dedicated application to keep us connected at all times
- A virtual reception to make it easier for visitors to get access
- Easy access parking powered by the plate recognition system

Technical Specifications

4 - pipe HVAC system providing fresh air supply of 46 m - Ceiling mounted fan coils designed for 1 pers / 6 sqm of office, 2 AHU plants for tenant area with tree structure (separate supply and exhaust for each tenant) 1 AHU plant for common areas (lobbies and corridors)

Suspended ceiling with built in LED lights - 500 lux

2.85m clear Room height

Excellent daylight access

Raised floor - 150 mm (gross)

Clear open space - Organized on an 8.1 m structural grid, with floor loading at 3.5 KN/sqm; possibility of additional reinforcement for individual solutions

Glass Modular Façade - Double glazing and aluminium joinery with thermal barrier with Global U value of 1.1 – 1.2W/mp*K

Maximum density according to fire scenario - Equilibrium 1 - 220 persons per floor, Equilibrium 2 - 206 persons per floor

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Right at the entrance of Bucharest’s most active business hub with excellent visibility and close to malls, hotels, banks, medical and sports facilities, it is the best place to work in.


Gara Herastrau Street, no. 2, 020334, Bucharest, Romania

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Equilibrium 2
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Equilibrium 1
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